S.W.O.T. Analysis for ZAKOapp

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In the first quarter of 2022 we're playing catch up on some planning exercises that we attempted earlier in our journey. In early 2021 we just didn't have clarity about company purpose and market fit. Lots of testing ahead with our first target customers (Tradesmen and Small Farmers) but Customer Discovery activities have confirmed we're on the right path.

We were also waiting to develop our repository of planning templates until the right kind of tool could be found. For us, Whimsical is nailing the job to be done. Our real job wasn't to fill in a template, it was to create a living document that visitors could comment on without needing to sign in.

You can view our SWOT template <here>. 

Below is the SWOT explanations as of Jan 9th 2022.


We have our foundation and business coaching in Canada and the US but our focus is on serving African and Indian markets. Immersion in the innovations driving these markets (e.g. "India Stack") will help us serve Canadian and American markets with competitive advantages acquired through overseas experiences. We help people manage personal and business conversations better than anyone. We can draw upon direct experiences in labour and construction sectors, which most tech founders don't have access to. Not requiring accounts is valued and users who already prefer SMS. Factors to nail the sale with Tradesmen is instant record-keeping on staff, contractors and suppliers. Nailing the sale with small farmers requires that we make the creation of record sets easy and shareable. Our Unique Selling Proposition is "one app for [almost] everything".


We need to improve our concept-testing-development cycle. We need to avoid bloating the app and losing reputation for messaging. People will see our combination of SMS and Web layers as a weakness. Also, Western investors and companies offering similar services may fail to see the similarities between Tradesmen and Farmers and Sole Proprietors globally. This will cause a perception that we will fail to capture the high-margin North American market. Also, ouir commitment to deploying solutions to the feature phones will not be understood in the west and perceived as low-profit endeavour. Turning the focus on the application toward social features and public actions (e.g. Posts & Homepages) will cause the skeptical core of global users to turn back towards SMS to ensure complete control of conversations and app data.


RCS standards will fully replace original SMS standards by mid-decade, ushering in a new era of rich text messaging experiences. Their capabilities will truly rival those of Web apps in terms of image quality and options for action and information sharing. Many apps will go out of view and off the app stores and services become subsumed by others and delivered via APIs via messaging. The growth of Kaios feature phones challenges conventional thinking that all mobile device use exists on a hierarchy towards large touch screens if income permits. Voice commands and other advancements combined with unbeatable battery usage means these phones are likely to emerge as "keys" for digital life. Facebook's original promise to internalize social experience does not match tomorrow's data privacy expectations and the gap can be filled by providing the basics centred around messaging. Enough pieces are in place now to build a system that endures and has the ability to endure like Windows and Urbit if it can achieve Linux-status. By creating a foundation in the simplest use cases and by valuing "lowest kilobyte transmission possible" our dominance can take deeper root than mid-market monopolies. Banking (traditional and crypto) are going fully mobile but in the flurry of enthusiasm to settle these frontiers one key piece of "Web Infrastructure" has been left undeveloped. ZAKO's Exchange Engine can provide a self-operating Ping-to-Pay service that acts as the source of truth for all systems attempting to confirm values owed between 2 or more parties.


WhatsApp is quickly rolling out business features for consumers and business operators but focus is on integration with Facebook Business Suite, causing enormous friction for access to functionality by regular consumers without desktop computing. Google and Samsung Messages will likely offer a business version of their default SMS app as soon as perception of the new market segment coincides with normalization of RCS. Our novel combination of on-devce texting experiences and web-based services may go against the policies of Google, carriers and governments, exposing ourselves to Play Store blockades or lawsuits. The trajectory of ZAKO to internalize all default phone applications and then common business functions now provided by various apps may cause numerous consortiums to undermine our efforts. We will be a direct threat to Kaios once they realize we are providing more convenient direct access to the dozens of functions they are trying to provide via an emerging app store. This may lead to being booted from Kai and the predictable need to provide an OS that can be an override for cheap phones in several years from launch once Android success is cemented.

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