ZAKOapp eh?!

We are building a tool that makes it easy to be in business. It’s also meant to be a tool for all ages, so our approach to product design, interface organization, language, and iconography needs to make sense from “8 to 80” as they say in the Urban Design field.

What ZAKO is and what it means to people will evolve over time, and quite rapidly given the period of Internet evolution that we are launching within. Major parts of the Internet are in place, the Webstructures. This term refers to the global products and services that provide either an exclusive value or else they have achieved a near monopoly. Like Youtube with videos, these webstructures either act as repositories for content and data, or they help tie different things together and act as access points. Some tools blur the lines and perform both functions. ZAKO will be that kind of tool. Major players in Web 1 and 2 will fade as Web 3 re-orders the Internet. Each decade will bring new waves and Webstructures. Amidst all of the unforeseeable changes, what will it take to stick around?

On its surface ZAKO is a tool based around messaging which enables people to take many kinds of small actions to help them manage their relationships and information. Underneath this surface we aim to provide many critical business and educational services that allow for many kinds of exchange to take place with ease and security of mind. The primary “sub-service” of ZAKO will be COUNTERapp, the heart of the ZAKO [Exchange] Engine. COUNTER allows any two or more parties to define an exchange of work-related value in simple, enduring terms. The default type of value will be “time worked”, which will be “hours worked” for most 1 to 1 exchanges. As the world competes to provide financial and payment services for the business world, we pivot backwards in order to leap frog over the frontier into a perpetual product paradigm. By anchoring ourselves in the traditional, simple, interpersonal architecture of economic activity we can win for ourselves a place in the next century, not just this one. To make it to 2101.. is an audacious goal. It can be achieved if the product is patterned on timeless personal processes. We must rid our product and our minds of temporary appeals to tastes and embrace low-fidelity frameworks that can spread on to the least powerful devices which will ensure staying power when things inevitably quake.

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